Capital Campaign

Welcome to Ma’ayanot’s future!

Ma’ayanot Capital Campaign Dedication & Naming Opportunities

We invite you to join us as we embark on this capital campaign project that will both accommodate our rapidly growing student body and allow us to creatively use physical space to promote the skills and integrated approach to learning that will maximally prepare Ma’ayanot students for the 21st-century careers that await them. 

For more information and additional capital dedication opportunities,  please contact




Student Center


Beit Midrash



Dedicated The Sylvia Shusterman Gym


Outdoor Patio 


Library/Media Center

Performing Arts Center w Stage


STEAM Maker Space I

Dedicated Anonymously

STEAM Maker Space II



Dedicated by The Gottesman Fund


The Learning Center

Dedicated by Tim and Ria Levart

Principal’s Office


Front Lobby 


Associate Principal’s Office

Dean of Students Office

Assistant Principal’s Office

Ninth Grade Dean’s Office

Sinai Center


Health Center


Art Room

Dance Room

Music Room

Dedicated by Etiel and Lianne Forman

Nutrition Room


Performing Arts Multimedia


Chessed Program
Dedicated by Nachum and Leah Barishansky


Dedicated by SINAI


Ma’ayanot Business Offices Suite

Gym Scoreboard

Security Desk


Mezuzah Front Entrance

Mezuzah Student Center

Beit Midrash Bookcases I

Dedicated in memory of Arthur P. Morgan, z”l

Beit Midrash Bookcases II

Neir Tamid

Dedicated in memory of Judah Schwartz, z”l

Learning Center Director’s Office

Dedicated by Yitzie and Yosepha Solomon

Library Study Room (3)


Faculty Lounge

Dedicated by Bennett and Yocheved Deutsch

Faculty Lounge II

Learning Center Testing Room

Dedicated by Saul and Deena Kaszovitz

Torah Guidance Office

Dedicated by Elliot and Lori Linzer

Dedicated by Dov and Sheva Adler

Israel Guidance Office

Dedicated by Marcia and David Kreinberg

Athletic Director’s Office

College Guidance Offices (2)

Humanities Office 

STEAM Office 


Guidance Offices (2)

Library/Media Center Bookcases (2)

Guest Waiting Lounge

Dedicated by Adam and Yonina Segal


Trophy Case: Athletic

Dedicated by Marc and Elana Rothenberg

Trophy Case: Academic

Dedicated by Ira and Tzippi Press

Netilat Yadayim Station

Dedicated by Michael and Karen Raskas

Shtender, Beit Midrash

Dedicated by Joseph and Chaya Schwartz

Mezuzah, Principal’s Office

Anonymously Dedicated

Mezuzah, Associate Principal’s Office

Mezuzah, Assistant Principal’s Office

Mezuzah Beit Midrash

Mezuzah, Dean of Students Office

Mezuzah, 9th Grade Dean’s Office

Mezuzah, Health Center

Mezuzah, Library/Media Center

Dedicated by Aaron and Mati Friedman

Mezuzah, Learning Center

Dedicated by Itzy and Leah Silvery

Math Classrooms (2)

Science Lab (2)

Dedicated by Jeff and Laura Rogers


General Classrooms (16)

Anonymously Dedicated

Dedicated by Morris and Ellen Bienenfeld

Dedicated by Adam Loskove & Dina Gielchinsky

Dedicated by Yosef and Lisa Rubinstein

Dedicated by Rob and Michelle Schanzer

Dedicated by Joshua and Tzippy Waltuch

Dedicated by Neal and Barbara Yaros

SINAI Classroom I

Dedicated by Rabbi Mark and Linda Karasick

SINAI Classroom

Mezuzah, Guidance (4)

Mezuzah, Israel Guidance

Dedicated by Daniel and Chani Oshinsky

Mezuzah, Music Room

Dedicated by the Schmuckler Family

Mezuzah, Art Room

Dedicated by Jonathan and Ruchi Tiger

Mezuzah, Dance Room

Dedicated by Paul and Rachel Rappaport

Mezuzah, STEAM Maker Space (2)


Mezuzahs, Classrooms (13)
Anonymously Dedicated (2) 

Dedicated by Jonathan and Shira Jacobs

Dedicated by Ira and Elana Tepler