English Language and Literature

The goals of the English department are to help students become stronger, more articulate thinkers and communicators, and to promote within all students an understanding and lifelong love of literature. A major focus of all English classes is developing students’ writing skills.

All students are required to take four years of English. English classes are tracked in 9th – 12th grades. English classes are tracked independently of other disciplines.



9th English I: Identity and Introduction to Writing 10th The Self in Society
11th American Literature 12th AP English Literature or Choosing Your Own Adventure: Monstrous Stories: Tales of Gothic Literature, True Crime: Crime, Punishment, Guilt and Innocence in Literature, Tell Me a Memory, Once Upon a Time: Flights of Fancy in Children's Literature


All History courses challenge students to understand and appreciate the complicated and multi-dimensional world in which they live. On a more fundamental level, History teachers strive to cultivate a knowledge of history and politics that is both broad and deep. Students are trained to do research and to communicate ideas and information clearly and effectively. Students are taught to read and think critically from a variety of perspectives with an aim of engaging in thoughtful dialogue.

All students are required to take four years of History. History classes are tracked in 9th – 11th grades. History classes are tracked independently of other disciplines.   

Jewish History

Our primary goal in teaching Jewish History is to help students develop a strong Jewish identity and gain an appreciation for the rich texture of their Jewish heritage as part of the larger historical context.





9th World and Jewish History I 10th World and Jewish History II
11th US History or AP US History 12th US Government or AP Government and Contemporary Israel


  • AP Psychology
  • Topics in Psychology
  • Current Events & Global Issues
  • Real-World Finance
  • Sociology
  • Law Through Film
  • Public Speaking

Foreign Languages

All foreign language courses emphasize listening and reading comprehension, mastery of the written word, and active self-expression through the study of prose, poetry, dialogues and expository pieces. In addition, we strive to expose students to cultures associated with the languages they have chosen to study.

Foreign Language offerings are based on student interest each year. We offer American Sign Language I & II, Arabic, Spanish I, II & III, French I, II & III, Yiddish I & II, and Mandarin Chinese. Students can elect to take a foreign language in all grades.



The primary goals of our Art program are to help students see and experience the beauty of artistic compositions and to guide the development of their own abilities of artistic expression, including the ability to give expression to their spiritual selves through a medium other than the written or spoken word.

Art at Ma`ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls



  • Studio Art (Advanced & AP classes)
  • Architecture and Design
  • Photography
  • Multi-Media Art
  • Printmaking

Health and Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is designed to educate students, in a fun and safe environment, about physical fitness so that they graduate with the skills, knowledge and motivation to engage in a life of physical activity. The 10th-grade Health curriculum aims to address health-related topics of importance to the current and future health and physical well-being of the students. All students are required to take four years of Physical Education (PE) and a 10th-grade Health course.


9th 2 periods PE per week 10th 1 period PE and 1 period Health per week
11th 2 periods PE per week 12th 1 period PE per week