Freshmen and Senior Seminars

Carving out time that prioritizes our students’ unique experiences is paramount to their academic, social and emotional success. The specific needs of our Freshmen and Seniors are addressed during their weekly seminar sessions.

Freshman Seminar is a weekly advisory program aimed at promoting social and emotional growth in our students. Through weekly sessions, students will explore topics aimed at helping them transition into high school, develop new and healthy friendships, and balance workload and stress. Led by our deans, guidance team, and select faculty members, teachers will support students and serve as role models in this important stage of their high school journey.

Senior Seminar is a weekly program designed to enhance the senior year experience by creating opportunities to learn about topics ranging from life skills, social/emotional development and community building. This program is run by 12th grade faculty members in conjunction with the administration to focus on themes that supplement the robust Ma’ayanot curriculum.