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Mrs. Rivka Kahan

  • Principal & Talmud Teacher

Mrs. Tamar Appel

  • Assistant Principal & History Teacher

Dr. Shoshana Poupko

  • Dean of Students

Ms. Marta Baez

  • Phys Ed, Track & CPR

Mrs. Lisa Baron

  • Biology, Learning Center

Mr. Fred Bartels

  • AP Computer Science

Mrs. Nechama Becker

  • Guidance Counselor

Dr. Duncan Bell

  • STEAM Mentor

Mrs. Heather Benjamin

  • History

Mrs. Gabrielle Berger

  • Talmud & Tanakh

Mrs. Randy Bernstein

  • Math Department Chair

Rabbi Daniel Besser

  • Director of Torah Enrichment, Talmud & Halakha

Mrs. Nina Bieler

  • Dean of 9th Grade

Mrs. Amy Birman

  • Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Dena Block

  • Director of Admissions, Talmud & Halakha

Mrs. Chaya Brand

  • Math

Mrs. Gillian Cofnas

  • Chemistry, Physics & STEAM

Dr. Oshra Cohen

  • Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Suzanne Cohen

  • Tanakh Department Chair & Israel Guidance

Mrs. Rachel Feldman

  • Executive Director

Mrs. Devora Dawidowicz

  • Talmud & Halakha

Rabbi Jeremy Donath

  • Tanakh

Mrs. Pam Ennis

  • Director of Development

Mrs. Shifra Friedman

  • Tanakh & Student Activities