The Ma’ayanot College Guidance Department has created a highly personalized and effective approach to college admissions. The counselors view the college process as part of a student’s total Ma’ayanot education, involving personal reflection, independent reasoning, and informed decision-making.  

Ma’ayanot students have earned the respect of college admissions officers as a result of the quality of their academic preparation, their individuality and their thoughtful, well-written essays. In the supportive environment of Ma’ayanot, students learn to identify their goals and interests, to manage a complex and stressful process, and to make healthy and confident decisions about higher education.

The College Process

College Guidance is a carefully orchestrated four-year process at Ma’ayanot. The process begins during the first semester  of the freshman year, when college counselors present an evening seminar to  parents of 9th graders, introducing  them to the college admissions process. Freshmen are also invited to consult with college counselors about their elective choices for the sophomore year.

Sophomores and their parents are encouraged to meet with a college adviser when choosing their junior-year electives, deciding whether they should take the ACT or SAT, and considering whether SAT Subject Tests are necessary to achieve their college admissions goals.  

The formal college guidance process begins in 11th grade with a series of group and individual meetings between college counselors and students, as well as several evening programs for students and parents.

Ms. Leebie Mallin

  • College Guidance

Mr. Bill Roper

  • College Guidance