Lunch Program

Food on Campus Policy

Ma’ayanot is committed to assuring that we support our students’ health and growth holistically – including the academic, religious, spiritual, social and emotional goals of all of our students. This goal is an intentional part of planning our use of space, the music we play, the speakers we invite, and the programs we run.

It is vital that students have healthy opportunities to eat and we are so fortunate to have a beautiful space for breakfast and lunch and for hanging out or eating during free periods.

Lunch Plan

Most students bring lunch from home and may take advantage of the refrigerators and microwaves available in the Student Center. Students should bring their own utensils.

Students will also be able to order lunch from Monday – Thursday. Lunch will be delivered to the school by a different restaurant each day and must be ordered and paid for in advance. More information on the lunch program can be found below. There are coffee and vending machines for snacks and drinks available for students.

Beginning the second semester of Freshman year, students may also choose to go off campus to a local kosher eatery. Students who choose to go off campus for lunch must be sure to return on time for class and may not bring their lunch into class to eat.

Food on Campus

Students are only permitted to eat meals in the Student Center and outdoors. Students are always responsible to clean up after themselves. Meals may not be eaten in the classrooms, the Beit Midrash, or the Library during free periods, lunch times, or class time. Specific AP courses which meet during lunch will be permitted to eat during class. Students are permitted to snack discreetly during class with their teacher’s permission. Any student who has a medical concern about eating during the day should discuss this possible accommodation with Mrs. Braun, our Dean of Students.

We expect that all food and beverages brought on campus will be kosher with reliable certification. It has come to our attention that the kashrut status of varied Starbucks drinks has changed, please consult with your shul Rabbi before bringing Starbucks drinks on campus.

Food Deliveries

We do not allow any commercial food delivery services (Uber Eats, GrubHub etc.) at any time during the school day.

Ma’ayanot Lunch Program

We hope you enjoy the Ma’ayanot Lunch Program. Lunch will be delivered to the school by a different restaurant each day following the weekly schedule below: We recommend that all lunch orders be placed the night before to avoid any issues. Click on the restaurant name below to access the link to place an order.

Mondays – EJ’S
Orders may be placed using this link Once on the website, click the “Order Online Here” button on the top right of the screen. Then scroll down on the left side to the “School Menu.” Check out as a guest, click on “Pickup” (don’t worry your order will be delivered) and apply the Coupon Code which is “school.”
Orders must be placed by Sunday at 7:00PM.

Tuesdays – ROCK N ROLL
Orders may be placed online by clicking
Orders for Rock N Roll must be placed no later than 7:30 AM on Tuesday.

Wednesdays – CHICKIE’S
You may pre-order by clicking HERE
Ordering will open 5:00PM on Tuesday and close at 7:30AM on Wednesday.

Thursdays – JUS BY JULIE
To make online orders with Jus By Julie please click HERE and follow the instructions below to set up an account. Orders will close by 10pm on Wednesday night.

Part One
Fill out the top portion (who are you, your details, choose a password)

  1. Check the ‘yes, that all looks correct box’ and click sign up.

Part Two:

  1. Enter zip code
  2. Select a school from the list: NJ, Bergen, Teaneck, Jus by Julie
  3. Choose a home room: Maayanot
  4. Fill in student’s name

The sign up process only has to be done once and then it’s very easy to place an order.


If you have any questions please reach out to Felicia Hoenig at