At Ma’ayanot, a warm, experienced guidance staff is available to our students. The guidance team establishes relationships among guidance counselors, students, parents and, when appropriate, outside clinicians. Our professionals work to provide a nurturing, safe context for students to discuss any mental-health concerns, including peer, family and academic challenges that they may encounter. Through the close relationships that they develop with students, as well as their involvement in programming and other aspects of student life, our guidance counselors create a wholesome, caring school environment that helps our students develop a healthy sense of self and a professional supportive safety net. Guidance counselors make sure to meet with all of their students at least once each semester so that all students feel comfortable approaching them at any time.

Dr. Rayzel Yaish

  • Director of Guidance
  • B.A. in Pre-Med and Psychology from Stern College
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

Mrs. Dassi Volk

  • Guidance
  • BA in Sociology from Rutgers University
  • MSW from Rutgers University School of Social Work