Student Life


Chesed is central to our students’ education Ma’ayanot. Part of our mission is to empower each student to engage with the community, learn about the needs of others, develop a sense of empathy, discover where to lend her talents, take initiative, and to continue to contribute to society after her years at Ma’ayanot.

Our Chesed Committee is student-driven and student-run, with the assistance of a faculty advisor. Students on this committee learn to plan creative and innovative programs that improve the lives of others and develop sensitivity and empathy for those who are less fortunate. Students have the opportunity to work on chesed projects both during the school day and outside of school. Through our Community Service program, each student is required to complete eight Community Service projects throughout the academic year.

In conjunction with NCSY, Ma’ayanot sends groups of students to participate in humanitarian missions to communities devastated by natural disasters. Such missions afford our students the opportunity to apply the values of chesed and community service in a context that allows them to meet people whose lives are very different from their own.

In addition, every student at Ma’ayanot has the opportunity to participate in class trips to these and other chesed organizations:

  • Care One
  • Areyvut
  • Ishine
  • Yad Leah
  • Project Ezra
  • Yachad
  • Daughters of Miriam
  • Friendship Circle
  • Sharsheret
  • Kosher Troops

Community Service Requirement

Developing compassionate and contributing members of society is one of our top priorities at Ma’ayanot. With this goal in mind, Ma’ayanot requires that each student participate in at least four community service projects each semester, for a total of eight per year. For more information, please contact our Chesed Coordinator, Mrs. Nina Kaminetsky,


Volunteer Opportunities Abound

Throughout the year, students may participate in several volunteer opportunities that bring Ma’ayanot spirit and much-needed funds to a variety of non-profit organizations. Some examples:

  • Our students run with Team Shalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Our Rapids OHEL Xtreme Challenge team has raised funds for OHEL.
  • During Pink Week, our students run educational programs and raise funds for Sharsheret.
  • Our Chesed Committee collects food, clothing, and toiletries, which students distribute to the homeless with Midnight Run.
  • Our students participate in ongoing programs with children with special needs with Friendship Circle, Sinai, and Yachad.