Communications@Ma’ayanot: Who Should I Contact?

Communications @ Ma’ayanot: Who Should I Contact?
A great partnership begins with connecting great people and sharing ideas to support our shared goals
All Staff & Faculty can be reached via email addresses

Department Name
Administration Mrs. CB Neugroschl, Head of School
Mrs. Shira Heller, Associate Principal
Mrs. Bailey Braun, Dean of Students
Rabbi Zev Prince, Assnt. Principal of Co-Curricular Life
Mrs. Danielle Hertzberg, Assnt. Principal of Judaic Studies
Admissions & Communications Mrs. P’nina Seplowitz
      Dir. of Admissions
Mrs. Deena Katz
      Dir. of Communications
Alumnae Dr. Rachel Shtern
Athletics Coach Jen Sanders
Attendance Mrs. Sara Gruenspecht
Business Office Ms. Debbie Grad, Executive Director
Mrs. Meredith Hanauer, Business Manager
Busing Mr. AJ Stone
Chesed Program Mrs. Nina Kaminetsky
Co-Curricular Program, Clubs, & Committees Rabbi Zev Prince
College Guidance Ms. Leebie Mallin
      Director of College Guidance
Mrs. Jackie Williams
      College Guidance Counselor
Computers & Educational Technology Mr. Mike Lowy, Dir. of IT
Mrs. Michelle Major, Dir. Ed. Tech
Department Chairs Gemara – Mrs. Chava Lerner
Tanakh – Mrs. Suzanne Cohen
Ivrit – Mrs. Merav Tal-Timen
English – Ms. Samantha Kur
History – Mrs. Chani Rotenberg
Math – Ms. Rebecca Mintz
Science & STEAM – Mrs. Gila Stein
Discipline Mrs. Bailey Braun
Dress Code Mrs. Danielle Hertzberg
Development & Fundraising Dr. Rachel Shtern
Dean of Ninth Grade/Guidance Counselor Mrs. Nina Bieler
Guidance Dr. Rayzel Yaish, Clinical Psychologist
Mrs. Dassi Volk
  10th Grade Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Nina Bieler
  9th Grade Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Bailly Braun
  12th Grade Guidance Counselor
Health Forms Mrs. Talia Feder RN (After December)
Mrs. Yael Rosman (From Sept to Dec only)
Learning Center Mrs. Chana Meyers
Midreshet Ma’ayanot Rabbi Donny Besser
Security Mrs. Debbie Grad
Student Activities Mrs. Aliza Adler, Dir. of Student Activities
Student Records Mrs. Madeline Schmuckler
Student Tracking Mrs. Shira Heller
Tuition/Billing Mrs. Meredith Hanauer
Website/Social Media Mrs. Deena Katz