Ma’ayanot’s Learning Center provides the academic support each student needs to flourish. A personalized plan is developed and implemented through coordination among the Learning Center faculty, classroom teachers, parents, and the student. The Learning Center provides support tailored to individual needs and creates a student-centered learning environment that is warm, encouraging, and productive. It offers a variety of services, including:

  • Small group academic skills classes in Judaic and general studies
  • Note-taking instruction
  • Study skills workshops
  • Training in organization and time management strategies
  • Inclusion support
  • Peer tutoring
  • Instruction in self-advocacy skills
  • Interview workshops
  • Scheduling of support services both in and out of school for eligible students
  • Consultation with classroom teachers on best teaching practices
  • Faculty development workshops
  • Application for standardized test accommodations and modifications

Our goal is to provide each student at Ma’ayanot with a positive and rewarding high school experience. We strive to empower her with every opportunity to acquire the skills to reach her potential both inside the classroom and beyond.

Contact our Learning Center:

Mrs. Chana Meyers

  • Director of Learning Center