Financial Aid

As is long-standing school policy, the scholarship committee reviews all applications with the understanding that yeshiva tuition takes priority over discretionary spending.

Deadline for Financial Aid applications is May 10th.

Financial Aid Guidelines

We encourage all parents to carefully evaluate their own ability to pay school costs and expect families to contribute to the educational cost of their child at the highest possible level given their economic situation. While the Scholarship Committee is sensitive to the needs of applicants, please recognize that every dollar of scholarship awarded must be raised through Annual Dinner and other fundraising efforts.

Determining Factors

In addition to income, the Scholarship Committee will consider certain discretionary spending, including, but not limited to: car payments, Charity (as a general rule, other than donations to one’s shul or mikvah, tuition payments should take precedence over other charitable giving), 401(k) contributions, vacations, summer programs (especially for high school aged children) and semachot.  Other spending, including for college and gap years, for which other sources of funding including loans may be available, will be taken into consideration.  Any expenditures in these categories should be explained at the end of the application.

Scholarship grants from prior years are in no way a guarantee or indication that a similar level of scholarship award will be granted for future years.

Scholarship funds can only be applied towards tuition accounts.  Other fees, including Registration, Building Fund, Security, Student Activities, iPad insurance and Transportation are not eligible for scholarship and must be paid for all students.


Please note that your daughter must be registered, with registration fees paid or scheduled, in order for your application to be reviewed by the committee.  All required supporting documentation must be included with the application by the deadline in order to be processed.


The deadline for financial aid applications is April 30th.  Applications that miss the financial aid deadline, except in extenuating circumstances such as loss of employment, illness or death, may not be considered.  Ma’ayanot cannot guarantee scholarship funds will be available to applicants who do not comply with the deadline, including late transfer applications.  We strongly encourage all families to complete the application as soon as possible, as applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.

NOTE:  APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO SUNDAY, MAY 10th, 2020.  Tax returns for 2019 must be added to the application by July 15th.  Applications are subject to further review if tax returns are submitted after the application was approved.


After receiving a scholarship determination, the family may appeal the decision in writing with a letter or email to the committee.  Appeals must be received within 10 days of receiving their determination and are limited to one per family.

Transfer Students

Transfer students who are applying for financial aid must submit their application within two weeks of acceptance.   Ma’ayanot cannot guarantee scholarship funds will be available for late transfer student applicants.


Financial Aid Application Instructions


NEW USERS:  Go to and create a username.

RETURNING USERS: If you used this system last year, with Ma’ayanot or a different school, please use your existing username and password from before.  If you forgot your username, contact your school administrator from last year.    If you forgot your password, follow the instructions on the homepage to reset it.


1.  Create an application for the NEXT school year.

2.  Each line on the application must be filled out in order to complete and submit the form.  If something is not applicable in your situation, please write either N/A for a text field or $0 in a numerical field.

a. When asked on the application what the family is prepared to pay, this number should refer to tuition only. Please be reminded that all other fees (registration, transportation, etc.) are required and financial aid is not available.

b. Every applicant must submit a written narrative to provide further context and for a good faith estimate of what the family is able to pay. The Scholarship Committee stresses the importance of providing these critical inputs in making a determination, without which, the application is comprised of mere data and numbers devoid of vital color to the circumstances.  For instance, if one spouse is not employed, it is helpful to provide an explanation of any relevant circumstances.  If COVID-19 has affected your finances / employment, please explain your situation and your expectations how your finances will change once the social distancing restrictions are lifted. 

c. Please explain in the narrative section how much you paid last year and expect to pay next year for gap year, college or other educational institutions not in the Yeshiva Aid system. Please include any information about how tuitions were / will be paid through savings, loans, cash, etc.

3. Click the support documents tab to upload your documentation. If you have paper documents, please scan and upload them with your application.  Your application will not be processed without the required support documents.

Application Checklist

  • Complete and submit application
  • Submit W-2 forms for the past two years
  • Submit completed tax returns with supporting schedules for the past two years
  • Submit completed business tax return with supporting schedules (if applicable) for the past two years
  • Submit year end mortgage statement
  • Submit year end bank statements and investment account statements
  • Submit most recent property tax bill
  • New: Submit scholarship award letter/statement from schools other than Ma’ayanot.
  • Print, sign and submit IRS form #4506 to each school to which you are applying for aid

If you have any problems with your online application, click “Contact Us” on the YeshivahAid site for assistance.

Application Deadline is May 10th