The primary goal of the Tanakh program is to teach the skills and love of learning that are necessary for a lifetime of Torah study. All Tanakh classes extensively utilize chavruta study to develop textual and analytical skills that equip our graduates to study Tanakh seriously and independently. Judaic Studies electives are offered throughout high school for motivated students who desire additional Torah learning above and beyond graduation requirements.

All students are required to take four years of Tanakh; the first two-thirds of each year is devoted to Chumash, and the last third to Navi.  A Tanakh Seminar elective is available in the 12th Grade. Tanakh classes are tracked throughout all four years. Electives are open to all interested students.


9th Bereishit; Melakhim 10th Shemot; Yeshayahu
11th Bamidbar; Yirmiyahu 12th Devarim; Parshat Bereishit; Shivat Tzion

Elective offerings have included:

  • The Life of Avraham Avinu
  • Biblical Leadership
  • Ketuvim Seminar


In addition to developing textual skills that enable students to lovingly unlock any page of Gemara on their own, the Talmud department emphasizes analytical skill-building through in-depth exploration of concepts in the Gemara and Rishonim. Advanced seminars are offered as electives for motivated students who desire additional Talmud learning above and beyond graduation requirements.


9th Masekhet Berakhot 10th Masekhet Bava Kamma
11th Masekhet Sanhedrin 12th Masekhet Kiddushin

Elective offerings include:

  • Gemara Bekiut
  • Gemara Seminar


The Halakha department aims to help students become well-informed regarding the practical laws that govern the daily lives of observant Jews. We also strive to impart an understanding of how Halakha develops from its source in the Torah to its practice in our daily lives.

Halakha is integrated into the Talmud course in 9th grade and is a separate, required course in grades 10-12. Halakha classes are tracked throughout all four years.


9th Hilkhot Tefillah 10th Hilkhot Shabbat
11th Hilkhot Kashrut 12th Women in Jewish Law

Jewish History

Our primary goal in teaching Jewish History is to help students develop a strong Jewish identity and gain an appreciation of the rich texture of their Jewish heritage as part of the larger historical context.

Jewish History is formally integrated into the World History Curriculum and included in the US History course. Students are required to take a course in Contemporary Israel in the Senior year.

Jewish Philosophy

The study of Jewish philosophy ensures that students are exposed to fundamental questions (e.g. faith and reason, free will, and theodicy), key thinkers, and important texts that are integral to our philosophical tradition.

Jewish Philosophy is a required course in 11th grade.

Hebrew Language and Literature

In addition to helping students gain fluency in Hebrew, we strive to instill within our students a love of the Hebrew language, love of the land of Israel and the State of Israel, and a sense of personal connection to Israeli culture. The spiral Hebrew curriculum touches themes that are culturally engaged in students’ daily life as well connecting them with the world around them and the life and culture in Israel.

All students are required to take three years of Hebrew and have the option of taking an advanced course in the senior year. All mandatory Hebrew classes in grades 9-11 are tracked. Senior electives are not tracked. Hebrew classes are tracked independently of other disciplines.


9th Hebrew I: All About Me 10th Hebrew II: Home
11th Hebrew III: Interpersonal Relationships 12th Electives: The International Hebrew Exam and Ulpan

Lev Hashavua

Once a week at Ma’ayanot, each students’ Gemara or Tanakh teacher will transform their classroom and the style of their teaching in order to create and deepen genuine connections between classroom teachers and students. Building a shared language and investing a whole person approach based on the Jewish tradition, this weekly class is a cross-section between social emotional learning and Torah education. Developing skills of attentive listening, bonding as a classroom community, and providing students with opportunities to share about their inner world and their connection to Torah text, Lev Hashavua provides our students with a unique weekly experience of spirituality and community.

Midreshet Ma’ayanot

Take advantage of the many opportunities to enhance your religious life with extracurricular Torah learning and personal growth programming in and  out of school.

Midreshet Ma’ayanot – Take advantage of the many opportunities to enhance your religious life with extracurricular Torah learning and personal growth programming in and  out of school.

Director of Midreshet Ma’ayanot- Rabbi Donny Besser

  • Midreshet Ma’ayanot Program – Are you a “Torah” kind of person? Are you interested in becoming one? Join Midreshet Ma’ayanot and earn enough “points” throughout the semester by attending shiurim and your own learning and earn the right to participate in special programming and a designation that will surely impress seminaries and some colleges.
  • Program Highlights:
    • Morning Midrasha – Get your day started right with 10 minutes of Torah study during breakfast with a lineup of teachers on different subjects. 
    • Parsha Club – Once a week, spend your lunch learning Parsha with a teacher.
    • B’not Chorin – Chazal teach that אין לך בן חורין אלא מי שעוסק בתורה. Use your free time productively by joining the Flex Beit Midrash, the Senior Beit Midrash during the last two periods of the day, or just any time you have a free period.
  • Vaadim – Unique learning opportunity for all students to join with faculty and peers to learn about specific Jewish topics that interest you. Join as many Vaadim as you want. Find a Vaad that already exists (Parsha, Halacha, Chasidut, Middot, Mussar, Tefilla, Jewish Music) and create your own for what you want to see, and join with other like-minded students, teachers and alumnae to grow in your avodat Hashem.
  • Ma’alot Scholars Enrichment Program – Are you an Honors student who is looking for a little more? Apply to be a Ma’alot Scholar and along with your chevruta, intensify your learning experience.