Capital Campaign

Ma’ayanot is Building Community: For our Students & For our Future

Ma’ayanot is so much more than a school. Students at Ma’ayanot know that they are part of a special community! We are a family that shares, learns, celebrates, grows, and experiences the joys of deep meaningful relationships that develop during the formative teenage years. 

Ma’ayanot was founded to fulfill the mission of bringing the women of tomorrow serious Torah learning and cutting edge secular education along with personal growth and leadership skills.   Ma’ayanot brings innovative educational models to every learning platform and supports our students’ growth and development religiously, academically, personally, and communally. 

We are thrilled to be building upon that legacy as we look to the future for our students and our community!

Our Capital Campaign will ensure that our facilities offer our students the environment and physical space that supports and reflects our mission. Coming to our campus has always felt like coming home, and now that home will be outfitted to include a new Beit Midrash, Student Center/Cafe, Performing Arts Center, STEAM Wing, a renovated Learning Center and Library,  updated bathrooms and a beautiful outdoors Patio/ Dining area.  The exciting renovations and additions to the Ma’ayanot Campus will enhance our facilities in a manner which will enhance our educational goals inspiring the hearts and minds of our students, the leaders of tomorrow! 

Welcome to Ma’ayanot’s Capital Campaign project which consists of an extensive building expansion and renovation. Here are some of the highlights: Our expansion will allow our students to …

  • SHINE BRIGHT: Building of a Student Center on the west side of the campus. This addition is a 12,000 square foot wing with a 20 ft ceiling. It will house a student lounge and a Performing Arts Center outfitted with a professional grade stage and the latest AV equipment.  Imagine hosting Heartbeats in our own home! The student center will have a partition wall to allow for larger and smaller programming, and lead to an outdoor patio space.


  • BE INSPIRED: Renovation of the Beit Midrash, the Center of Women’s Torah Learning, including designated areas for Chevruta learning to enhance the cornerstone value of Torah scholarship at Ma’ayanot.


  • DESIGN & INNOVATE: Renovation and expansion of the STEAM Wing to include upgraded state-of-the art science labs, math and science classrooms, an art studio and multiple Maker Spaces.


  • GROW & STRETCH: Building of a new Health Center, a Dance/ Yoga Studio and Nutrition classroom.


  • COLLABORATE & SHARE: Newly built  Library Media Center incorporating collaborative and individual student work areas.


  • STRIVE & ACHIEVE: An Expanded Learning Center designed to simultaneously run individual and/or small group skill building classes. 


  • FEEL AT HOME: Constructing a newly expanded lobby with an enhanced security entrance, renovation of all student and faculty bathrooms.

For more information and additional capital dedication opportunities, please contact