Student Leadership

At Ma’ayanot, learning is brought to life through many experiential educational programs. Shabbatonim and other programs are filled with dynamic discussions with Jewish role models from our faculty and greater community. For example, students learn about Tzedaka through role-playing different scenarios and being asked to prioritize different causes to which a donation will be made in their grade’s name. During Color War, students take on the role of educators, teaching themselves about the educational themes of the competition. Experiential Programming at Ma’ayanot ensures that learning is dynamic, relevant, exciting, and fun for our student body.

Color War

Color War is one of the highlights of the year. It is a two-day experiential learning program filled with ruach, energy, friendly competition and school spirit. It encourages students to step up to assume leadership roles and express themselves through sports, art, dance, song, drama, Torah, knowledge competitions and more. Color War creates an atmosphere of energy, school unity and school spirit. Every year, Color War has an educational theme and students create projects, dances and songs that reflect the theme. The effects of Color War continue to be felt throughout the rest of the school year, inspiring individual students to get more involved in academic and extracurricular events.
Color War at Ma`ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls


The Annual School Shabbaton is a wonderful opportunity for our students to spend a Shabbat together, exploring a Torah theme (such as “Connecting Spiritually: Finding my Path”), growing spiritually, feeling a sense of school unity and spirit, interacting with students in their own and other grades, and connecting with their teachers outside of the classroom. Additionally, each grade participates in a Grade Shabbaton every spring in a different community, which affords an opportunity for grade-wide bonding and spending time with faculty and their families.

Shabbat at Ma`ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls


My favorite part of Shabbaton is how all the grades come together and it really feels like the whole school is one big family. It's always beautiful when everyone is singing and dancing together after Shabbat.

Maya Stiefel '19