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Ms. Rebecca Mintz

  • Math, Chemistry

Mrs. Delia Nagar

  • Spanish

Dr. Sofya Nayer

  • Calculus

Mrs. Adeena Pultman

  • Film & Law

Mr. Benny Reiner

  • Director of Information Technology

Ms. Tammie Rapps

  • English

Mrs. Chani Rotenberg

  • History Department Chair, Co-Director of Humanities Enrichment & Interdisciplinary Programming

Mrs. Ariella Rosenbaum

  • Computer Science

Mrs. Chanie Saffern

  • Math Department Facilitator

Mr. Yaakov Samuels

  • History

Coach Jen Sanders

  • Athletic Director

Mrs. Ora Schrier

  • Director of Religious Programming, Tanakh

Mrs. Shifra Schapiro

  • Tanakh, Creative Writing

Mrs. Esther Slomnicki

  • Biology

Mrs. Madeline Schmuckler

  • Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Gila Stein

  • Science Department Chair & Director of STEAM

Mrs. Shira Steinfeld

  • Math

Mr. AJ Stone

  • Transportation Coordinator

Mrs. Merav Tal-Timen

  • Hebrew Department Chair

Mrs. Racheli Taubes

  • Biology & Chemistry Teacher

Mrs. Basya Teitelbaum

  • Learning Center

Mrs. Yael Weil

  • Halakha

Ms. Arielle Zomberg

  • Biology & Chemistry

Dr. Rayzel Yaish

  • Director of Guidance