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Ms. Talia Feder

  • Nurse

Mrs. Shifra Friedman

  • Tanakh & Student Activities

Rabbi Jay Goldmintz

  • Tanakh & Jewish Philosophy

Ms. Sarah Gordon

  • Director of Israel Guidance and Experiential Education, Talmud

Mrs. Sara Gruenspecht

  • Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Sara Grinfeld

  • Development Associate

Mrs. Gila Guzman

  • Nutrition

Mrs. Meredith Hanauer

  • Business Manager

Mrs. Emma Horowitz

  • English

Mrs. Shalvi Isseroff

  • English

Ms. Natalia Kadish

  • Art

Ms. Aliza Gottlieb

  • Director of Student Activities & Tanakh Teacher

Mrs. Adele Katzenstein

  • Learning Specialist, Algebra

Mrs. Melissa Kapustin

  • Jewish Philosophy

Ms. Caryn Keller

  • History

Dr. Leah Knapp

  • Psychology

Mrs. Dina Klapper

  • Math

Ms. Samantha Kur

  • English Department Chair

Mrs. Reyce Krause

  • Director of STEAM Curriculum

Tiffany Lebowitz

  • Physical Education

Mrs. Michele Major

  • Director of Educational Technology

Mrs. Chava Lerner

  • Talmud Department Chair

Ms. Leebie Mallin

  • Director of College Guidance

Mr. Avi Mandel

  • Tanakh, Contemporary Israel, Jewish Philosophy