Ticket Prices:

$15 any student grades 1-12
$20 adult

Proceeds Beneficiary

Heartbeats is a student-initiated, student-directed and student-performed “night of song, dance and connection.” Each year Heartbeats organizers choose charities to which the proceeds of that year’s performances will be donated. When the Heartbeats Heads met to decide upon a tzedaka organization to fundraise for, our students were inspired to somehow be part of continuing Donny’s legacy. The stories of Donny’s Shana B’Aretz, his commitment to living a life full of Torah learning and setting new goals for his learning during this special time in Israel related directly to the values of Ma’ayanot and our students’ desire to dedicate time to learning Torah in Israel, whenever possible. These stories touched everyone in our community and the value that Donny z”l exemplified is one that we deeply share.

The students decided to honor Donny’s memory by dedicating the profits raised by Heartbeats to a new scholarship fund for Ma’ayanot students studying Torah in Israel. The Ma’ayanot Shana Ba’Aretz Scholarship Fund will provide students in need with some financial assistance to support their choice to spend a year learning Torah in Israel, a value that Donny Morris z”l cherished and modeled.



Ma’ayanot Shana Ba’Aretz Scholarship Fund FAQs
  • Q: What can the scholarship funds be used for?

    A: This scholarship award will be helpful to families for the additional expenses' related to Shana Ba’Aretz year. These include weekly sundry expenses, spending money, travel costs, Shabbatot & Chagim, etc.

  • Q: Who can apply for this scholarship?

    A: All Ma’ayanot seniors are eligible if they are spending a year in Israel learning Torah, have applied for financial aid, and are fully up to date with the business office.

  • Q: How do you apply for the scholarship?

    A: Parents/Guardians submit a brief form indicating where their daughter is registered for her Shana Ba’Aretz and that they have completed the required forms for that program.