Annual Community Yom Iyun

Keynote by Rabbi Zev Prince: Soles on Fire: Neilat Ha’Sandal, Baring our Souls by Uncovering our Feet

With additional shiurim offered members of our distinguished faculty, including:

Mrs. Rivka Kahan​:
Reading Between the Lines: The Kriyot HaTorah of Rosh Hashana as a Roadmap for the Yamim Noraim
Mrs. Gabrielle Berger (a Ma’ayanot alumna!)​
Gedalyah, Yosef, and the Daughters of Tzlafchad: Digging Deeper into Tzom Gedalyah
Rabbi Donny Besser
Synergies of the Season: ​E​xploring the ​I​nterplay of ​T​eshuva, ​​Tefilla and ​T​zedaka
Mrs. Suzanne Cohen​
​Does God Prefer the Teshuva of a Tzaddik or the Teshuva of a Rasha? : The Case of Chizkiyahu vs. Menashe
Mrs. Shiffy Friedman (a Ma’ayanot alumna!)​
Are ​o​ur ​F​asts and ​P​rayers ​P​leasing to G-d?
Mrs. Leah Herzog​
Unity through Separation
Mrs. Shifra Schapiro
Seeking God: What the Fast-Day Haftarah Tells Us about Our Limitations and Aspirations
Mrs. Yael Weil
Akeidat Yitzchak and the Sacrificial Life

​Our Annual Yom Iyun is generously sponsored by:

​The Staiman family in commemoration of the yahrtzeit of Mr. Staiman’s father, Shalom Tzvi ben Aharon, Sholom Staiman, z”l, grandfather of Leora (’05), Shifra (’06), Atara (’09) and Etana (’12)​;​

​And by ​Ms. Deena Yellin and Dr. Moshe Fuksbrumer and family in commemoration of the 23rd yahrtzeit of their beloved sister, Judith Yellin, z”l, aunt of Meital (’20).

​Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, contact Pam Ennis at