The 9th Grade Dean and Dean of Students are the initial points of contact for each grade as a whole as well as each individual student. Setting a positive tone, establishing school culture, and acting as an available presence and role model to the student body, the Deans focus their attention on the whole child- embracing each student in her totality.

The 9th Grade Dean, Mrs. Nina Bieler, welcomes and nurtures each freshman as they enter the exciting (and at times overwhelming) high school experience. Meeting freshmen in small groups, and one-on-one, the 9th Grade Dean facilitates warm and lasting bonds with students and enables them to confidently immerse themselves in the Ma’ayanot environment.

Once they become sophomores, the Dean of Students, Mrs. Bailey Braun, continues this process, assisting the students with academic needs, co-curricular interests, religious inquiries and navigating social dynamics while instilling within the students the confidence to self- advocate, explore their creative interests and uncover meaning in their life as a Jewish teenager.