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Announcing Our 2018 Annual Scholarship Dinner Honorees!

Ma’ayanot’s annual dinner provides an opportunity to reflect on those areas of our school in which we take greatest pride, and to express hakarat hatov to lay leaders and educators who have enabled Ma’ayanot to grow and thrive. At this year’s dinner we were privileged to honor several people who manifest a commitment to our students’ growth and to strengthening Ma’ayanot as a makom Torah in which young women thrive and flourish, each in her own way.  We are fortunate to count them among the leaders of our school, and grateful to have had the opportunity to highlight their significant contributions to our community. To read about our honorees, please scroll below.

Deena & Saul Kaszovitz

  • Keter Shem Tov Award

Dr. Miriam and Rabbi Elie Berman

  • Amudei Ma'ayanot Honorees

Lynn & Dr. Neer Even-Hen

  • Parents of the Year

Ms. Samantha Kur

  • Teacher of the Year

Our Honorees

Keter Shem Tov Honorees: Deena and Saul Kaszovitz

As the parents of four daughters, all of whom attended Ma’ayanot, Saul and Deena Kaszovitz have been Ma’ayanot parents for a record-setting eleven consecutive years, and the extent to which they have positively impacted every facet of the school — educational, financial and administrative — serves as an inspiration to the entire Ma’ayanot community.  In addition to serving as Ma’ayanot President for three years, Saul may have set another record by serving on an astonishing number and variety of committees, including the Finance, Board Nominating, Dinner Fundraising, Middle States Review, Open House, Development, and Dean of Students Search committees. Deena, too, has significantly impacted our community by serving in numerous capacities, including as Chair of the Dinner Committee, a member of a recent Learning Center focus group, and as a member of several other committees, including the Middle States Review, Open House, and Parent Ambassador Committees.  As president, Saul was often called upon to publicly proclaim why he and Deena are so dedicated to Ma’ayanot, and in doing so he would fondly explain: “I drop my daughters off in ninth grade and pick them up again at graduation and something magical happens to them in between.  They become mature, dignified, educated and empowered young women.” Saul is a managing partner of a private investment firm, and Deena is co-chair of the Teaneck branch of iShine.  Sara (‘ll) is married to Dani Resnick and teaches 7th and 8th grade science and math at Yavneh; she and Dani are the proud parents of Becca (Ma’ayanot class of 2029!) and Yitzie.  Talia (’12) is married to Ephraim Siegel and works as financial analyst for Aetna; Aliza (’15) is a junior at Stern College majoring in biology; and Yael is a Ma’ayanot senior planning to learn in Israel next year.   We are grateful to have the opportunity to honor Deena and Saul for the exceptional and tireless practical, emotional, and financial support they have bestowed upon Ma’ayanot these past many years.

Amudei Ma’ayanot Honorees: Dr. Miriam and Rabbi Elie Berman

Dr. Miriam and Rabbi Elie Berman are deeply dedicated to the values of community and Jewish education, as is manifest by their extensive volunteer activities across numerous community organizations. At Ma’ayanot, Miriam has served on the Board of Directors since 2015, and on numerous school committees, including the Middle States Review, Open House, and Parent Ambassador Committees.  Beyond Ma’ayanot, Miriam serves as an inspiration to many through her energetic volunteerism on behalf of TABC, Shearit HaPlate, Yavneh, Noam, Lamdeinu, and Congregation Rinat Yisrael. Elie, a commercial litigation attorney at McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, serves the community by teaching a weekly She’elot u-Teshuvot shiur at Rinat and through his long-time involvement as a member of the Board of the Etzion Foundation. He also can always be counted on to be a volunteer ‘coach on call’ at Ma’ayanot softball games. Given their stalwart dedication to both Jewish education and excellence in education, it is not surprising that, when asked what they value most about Ma’ayanot, Miriam and Elie focused on the high level, text-based Judaic Studies education enjoyed by their daughter Sarah, and proudly recalled when Sarah made a siyyum on behalf of her class on a Mesekhet they had learned in Gemara shiur.  Miriam and Elie’s son Shai is in the Semikha Program at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University and is studying law at Columbia University. Their daughter-in-law Adi is pursuing a PhD in Chemical Biology at Cornell and Rockefeller Universities. Their son Aryeh is in the Masmidim Honors Program at Yeshiva University, and Sarah is a senior at Ma’ayanot and has served in many leadership roles.  We are thrilled to recognize Miriam and Elie as role models in community leadership and to honor them for their loyalty and dedication to Ma’ayanot.

Parents of the Year: Lynn and Neer Even-Hen

Lynn and Neer Even-Hen have manifested their deep commitment to community through numerous volunteer activities on behalf of Ma’ayanot. Neer has served on the Dinner Fundraising Committee in recent years, while Lynn has served on the school’s Board of Directors since 2014, as well as on the Parent Ambassador and Open House Committees. Lynn has also demonstrated her dedication to Ma’ayanot (and her good nature!) by taking on the difficult job of bus liaison for the Highland Park bus route, and together Lynn and Neer have opened their home to host grade Shabbatonim and parlor meetings. In thinking about what makes Ma’ayanot special, Lynn and Neer singled out the wonderful chessed opportunities available to their daughters, specifically commenting upon opportunities such as our annual NCSY-Ma’ayanot humanitarian missions and Midnight Run, programs that allowed their daughters to interact with and provide aid to individuals residing beyond the boundaries of their school and home communities. Neer is a periodontist and Lynn is the office manager for their practice in Highland Park. Tamar (’16) is doing sherut leumi, tutoring and counseling lower-income children at Kiryat Menachem in Jerusalem; Yael is a senior at Ma’ayanot; and future Ma’ayanoter Nina (’23) is in 7th grade at RPRY.  It is our honor and privilege to bestow this well-deserved award on Lynn and Neer Even-Hen.

Teacher of the Year: Ms. Samantha Kur

Since joining Ma’ayanot’s faculty in 2007, Ms. Samantha Kur has fostered in our students a love of reading and taught them to develop their own identity and moral compass through their study of literature.  In Ms. Kur’s classes, students cultivate an expansive view of culture, human nature, and the richness to be gained by engaging deeply with a diversity of literature.  Ms. Kur is a caring, supportive colleague who embodies the ideal of lifelong learning.  As chair of the English department, she guides the development of the English curriculum with educational vision and an emphasis on partnership and collaboration.  She is a beloved, inspiring teacher and treasured colleague, and we are thrilled to honor her as this year’s Teacher of the Year.