Annual Dinner Copy (old)

Ma’ayanot’s Annual Scholarship Dinner
March 7, 2020
8:30 PM
Congregation Keter Torah, Teaneck, NJ


Presenting our 2020 Annual Scholarship Dinner Honorees!

Mrs. Rivka Kahan

  • Guest of Honor

It is our great pleasure to honor Mrs. Rivka Kahan at this year's annual Ma'ayanot dinner and to express hakarat hatov for her transformative impact on our school. Mrs. Kahan, a beloved teacher of Torah with a passion for education, has been active in shaping academic and religious life at Ma'ayanot since she joined the faculty in 2002. Before becoming Principal, Mrs. Kahan served as Tanakh Chair, Director of Israel Guidance, Director of Professional Development, and Assistant Principal. She also wrote Ma'ayanot's Halakha curriculum and was a beloved teacher of Tanakh, Talmud, Halakha, and Jewish Philosophy. She has a B.A. from Barnard College, an M.A. in Bible from Bernard Revel Graduate School of Yeshiva University, and Certification in Talmud and Jewish Law from the Drisha Scholars Circle. She also studied at Nishmat in Jerusalem.
Ma’ayanot has reached unprecedented heights of enrollment and opportunity under Mrs. Kahan’s leadership. Student activities, Torah programming, student-support services, and the Learning Center have grown in size and quality with her support. Our pioneering STEAM studies and co-curricular learning options, including Torah Enrichment, Humanities Enrichment, and Interdisciplinary Days, have added breadth and depth to our students’ learning experiences. Mrs. Kahan's deep wisdom and supportive guidance inspire the faculty to refine their teaching and seek professional growth.
With a deep commitment to teaching even as an administrator, Mrs. Kahan continues to motivate students at Ma’ayanot toward a love of Torah and an appreciation of how it speaks to them. Additionally, she writes and lectures widely beyond the walls of Ma’ayanot. Mrs. Kahan embodies a devotion to Ma'ayanot's unique educational vision of facilitating students’ personal growth, so that they may be joyful and inspired members of K’lal Yisrael.
Mrs. Kahan and her husband, Moshe Kahan, have six children, three of whom moved to Israel in the past two years. We wish the entire family hatzlacha and bracha on their aliyah. With tremendous hakarat hatov for all Mrs. Kahan has done for Ma’ayanot and the Jewish community, we know that our loss is Israel’s gain.

Rabbi Alan and Mrs. Alexis Berkowitz

  • Amudei Ma'ayanot Award

Rabbi Alan and Alexis Berkowitz have been active in the Ma’ayanot family from the moment they moved to Teaneck and Aleeza (‘17) began Ma’ayanot. Alexis has been the Parent Council Treasurer for the past seven years, and has served on the Education Committee and the Dinner Committee. The Berkowitzes have assisted with Open House, Discovery Days, and the Middle States Review Board, and have hosted parlor meetings and Friday night onegs in their home. They have been avid Rapids fans over the years, attending countless games both at home and away. As Alan says, “The greatest part of Ma’ayanot is that the girls gained yirat shamayim. They have acquired a love of Torah and it has defined who they are.” Alexis adds, “The school cares about each student and prides itself on meeting individual needs, fostering a positive school experience and overall success. Whether it be academically or with extra-curriculars, Ma’ayanot values the whole composite of the school experience and making it rich, meaningful, challenging, and stimulating.” We are grateful to the Berkowitzes, who have gone above and beyond to strengthen and contribute to the Ma’ayanot community, and we are pleased to express our hakarat hatov to them.
When they are not busy at Ma’ayanot, Alan and Alexis are busy with their family: Ricki and Yuval, Talia and Jacob, Matan, Aleeza (‘17), Noa (‘19), and Maayan (‘22), and their three grandchildren. Alan is Principal of Magen David Yeshivah and Alexis is a professional organizer with her own company, Organizing Works.

Dr. Shalom and Mrs. Susan Fisch

  • Maayan Hamitgaber Award

Ma’ayanot parents since 2012, Shalom and Susan Fisch have deep roots in the Ma’ayanot family and we are thankful for the talent and energy they have contributed to our community. Susan was a member of the Ma’ayanot Board of Directors from 2015-2019. She can be found almost everywhere, whether coming in early to set up breakfast for Discovery Days, reaching out to prospective Ma'ayanot parents as a Parent Ambassador, serving on numerous committees, or simply distributing copies of Talilei Orot and driving carpool. The Fisches believe in Ma’ayanot’s mission of fostering each student’s personal growth and observe, “Ma’ayanot has given our girls the opportunities and role models they need to grow into the best people they can be.”
Shalom works as an educational media consultant, helping to create educational television series, digital games, comics and other media to benefit children around the world. Shalom volunteers through the chaplain’s office at Holy Name Hospital and as a gabbai at Congregation Beth Aaron, while Susan looks for opportunities to do chesed and coordinates volunteer food packers for Shearit HaPlate, Bergen County’s only kosher food rescue program. Shalom and Susan are the proud parents of three children: Nachum, Chana (‘16) and Miriam (‘20).

Mr. David and Mrs. Zahava Shepetofsky

  • Maayan Novea Award

David and Zahava Shepetofsky have been avid fans of Ma’ayanot from the day their daughter Gila (‘20) walked through our doors. To them, the choice for Gila to commute to Ma’ayanot from Staten Island was an easy one. Looking around in their own neighborhood at Ma’ayanot graduates solidified this decision. “Ma’ayanot provides a warm, inviting atmosphere. It has afforded a lot of growth for our daughter and has been like a new family and community for all of us.” The Shepetofskys have coordinated the Staten Island bus route for four years, which is a tremendous service to their community and the school.
David has been a physical therapist at the Staten Island University Hospital for the past 28 years. Zahava is a Crisis Paraprofessional in private schools around Staten Island. David has been active in the Young Israel of Staten Island as past Youth Director and as a regular baal tefillah. Together with their daughters Leora, Ariella, and Gila, the Shepetofskys embody commitment to the Jewish community and belief in the mission and values of our school, and it is our pleasure to express hakarat hatov to them.

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