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Sefarim Orders


Printable Order Form for Check/Cash Orders

Here is the grade list of required Hebrew sefarim.  Students may obtain them on their own or purchase from the school at the prices listed by June 2.  When deciding what to purchase, please keep in mind that in many classes students are encouraged to highlight and take notes on the pages.   


Early Bird Expires May 13th

Regular Price

Gemara: Masekhet Brachot*



Humash: Torat Hayim Bereshit Vol 1



Practical Talmud Dictionary (Frank)



Pocket size Tanakh**



Melakhim: Mikraot Gedolot with Malbim



Oxford Hebrew-English Dictionary***






Gemara: Masekhet Makkot*



Humash: Torat Hayim Shemos Vol 1






Gemara: Masekhet Sanhedrin



Humash: Torat Hayim Bamidbar






Gemara: Masekhet Kiddushin



Humash: Torat Hayim Devarim



Humash: Torat Hayim, Bereishit Vol 1




* Some classes use the Gemara Menukad.  If you are not ordering through the school, please confirm with your teacher at Orientation which Gemara you will need before purchasing on your own.

** Tanakhs for most class levels must be Hebrew only.  Lower track teachers may allow Hebrew-English version.

*** If you own a different Hebrew-English dictionary, you may use it.  Our Ivrit department recommends the Oxford Dictionary.