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Ma’ayanot students produce several publications over the course of the year, with the help of faculty advisors.

Ma’ayanei Torah - Ma'ayanot's holiday journal of Torah articles written by students and faculty. Ma’ayanei Torah is published before each holiday and is distributed to synagogues throughout the tri-state area.

Sambatyon - Ma’ayanot’s award-winning literary journal. Sambatyon affords students the opportunity to showcase their poetry, short stories and artwork.

ThE-Source - Ma'ayanot's online student newspaper, provides a forum for students to exchange ideas and voice opinions about issues of both general and local interest. Students contribute to the newspaper through writing, reporting, researching, editing, photographing, marketing, and layout design.

Senior Grade Yearbook: Each year the senior class produces a yearbook that serves as a written record of their four high school years. The yearbook provides an opportunity for students to express their literary, artistic and photographic talents, and to develop journalistic, business, editing, and leadership skills.

Talilei Orot – Ma’ayanot’s new weekly parsha newsletter. At the end of their sophomore year, our current seniors initiated this weekly newsletter of divrei Torah

The Stream - Ma'ayanot's weekly online newsletter. The Stream features articles, photos, and videos representing highlights of academic and co-curricular life at Ma’ayanot.