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Honoring Mrs. Suzanne Cohen


Mrs. Suzanne Cohen has taught Tanakh at Ma'ayanot since 2003, and also serves as Chair of the Tanakh Department and Co-Director of Israel Guidance.  Mrs. Cohen's teaching is suffused with love of Torah, intellectual rigor, and deep appreciation of each student's personality and perspective.  She is a gifted Tanakh scholar who is able to help each student develop the skills she needs to reach the next stage of her Talmud Torah.  Mrs. Cohen guides her students lovingly and thoughtfully, whether they are analyzing a mefaresh, discussing important religious questions, or thinking through significant life decisions.  She welcomes students into her classroom and her home with warmth and affection, and they in turn are eager to learn and spend time with her. She is a valued and beloved colleague whose integrity, intellectual depth, and personal example embody the values we aspire to impart at Ma'ayanot.