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Student Services Department

Director: Mrs. Elise Vitow 

The Department of Student Special Services provides the necessary academic supports that enable each student to succeed to the best of her ability. A plan of action is developed and implemented as a result of coordination with administration, guidance, faculty, and parents. This is supplemented by tutorial services as well as instruction in self-advocacy, time management, organizational skills, and study skills. Tutorial services are provided in both individual and group settings. In addition, any services that the student is eligible to receive through the school district or outside professional organizations are arranged through Student Special Services. The department is also responsible for the coordination of the extended time testing program for both in-school and standardized tests. It is the goal of Student Special Services to make the Ma'ayanot experience positive and rewarding for all of our students.

The Department of Student Special Services is staffed by Mrs. Elise Vitow, director, and Mrs. Adele Katzenstein. They provide all necessary services in both Judaic and General Studies to assure that the students receive fair and balanced opportunities in all areas of the curriculum. Custom scheduling is available depending on individual circumstances. The department also coordinates an in-school peer tutorial program, engaging the services of Ma'ayanot students willing and able to help their peers.

The Department of Student Special Services is dedicated to helping all of our students succeed academically and achieve their best in all areas. To this end, Student Special Services provides a variety of opportunities tailored to individual needs, and creates a student-centered learning environment that is warm, encouraging, and productive.