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Student Council

Serving on the Ma’ayanot G.O. is a great opportunity for students to get more involved in Ma’ayanot and step up as leaders of the student body. Ma’ayanot G.O. is comprised of a wonderful group of students who have a lot of school spirit and want to work toward making Ma’ayanot a more fun and friendly place for themselves and their fellow students. Ma’ayanot G.O. members take an active role in planning and implementing programs throughout the year, including Shabbatonim, grade bonding events, and special holiday celebrations. Through this experience, G.O. members learn about themselves and their leadership abilities, as well as the value of working as a part of a team.

President: The President oversees all GO-sponsored activities, ensures that all GO members are fulfilling their responsibilities, and helps make Ma’ayanot a great place for her fellow students. The position is only open to seniors.

Vice President of Programming: The VP of Programming works with the President and is responsible for all program details. This position is only open to juniors.

Vice President of Publicity: The VP of Publicity publicizes all school events, and is responsible for producing the student newsletter. This position is only open to juniors.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for collecting money for events and fundraising activities. This position is open to all students.

Secretary: The Secretary must be computer proficient and creative. She prepares all forms of written communication for GO. This position is open to all students.

Class Representatives: Each grade selects two representatives, who are responsible for communicating their grade’s needs to GO, the faculty, and the administration.