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Ma'ayanot in the News



20th Anniversary Celebrations Continue at Ma'ayanot (JLNJ, 1/7/16)

Ma'ayanot Brings its Theater to Town (JLNJ, 1/7/16)

Ma'ayanot STEAM Talks Inspire Students to Dream Big (JLNJ, 12/31/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Volunteer at Jewish Home (JLNJ, 12/31/15)

Jewish Life on Campus Explored by TABC and Ma'ayanot (JLNJ, 12/31/15)

Ma'ayanot Torah Bowl Team Remains Undefeated (JLNJ, 12/31/15)

Founder of IDFWO Addresses Ma'ayanot Students (JLNJ, 12/24/15)

Ma'ayanot Freshmen Prepare for Family Conferences (JLNJ, 12/24/15)

Mishmover is Annual Highlight for Ma'ayanot Students (JLNJ, 12/24/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Participate in Hour of Code Week (JLNJ, 12/17/15)

Chanukah at Ma'ayanot (JLNJ, 12/17/15)

Ma'ayanot Seniors Contemplate Human Rights (JLNJ, 12/10/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Enjoy School-Wide Shabbaton (JLNJ, 11/25/15)

Ma'ayanot Alumna Teaches Seniors About Lobbying (JLNJ, 11/25/15)

Ma'ayanot Sweeps Torah Bowl (JLNJ, 11/25/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Create Veterans Day Tribute (JLNJ, 11/19/15)

Ma'ayanot Embraces Digital Jounalism (JLNJ, 11/19/15)

Ma'ayanot Juniors Volunteer at Community Food Bank (JLNJ, 11/19/15)

At Ma'ayanot, Advocacy Begins with Education (JLNJ, 11/12/15)

AAA Comes to Ma'ayanot (JLNJ, 11/12/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Learn about Constructive Disagreement (JLNJ, 11/12/15)

Ma'ayanot Holds Friday Night Oneg for Students (JLNJ, 11/5/15)

Ma'ayanot Scholars Program (MSP) Has Launched (JLNJ, 11/5/15)

Ma'ayanot College Fellows (JLNJ, 11/5/15)

Ma'ayanot at the Great Big Challah Bake (JLNJ, 10/29/15)

Ma'ayanot Student Leaders Putting Ideas into Practice (JLNJ, 10/29/15)

Ma'ayanot Stands with Israel (JLNJ, 10/29/15)

Enhancing Tefillah at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 10/22/15)

New iMac Lab at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 10/22/15)

Students and Parents Turn Out for Ma'ayanot Open House (The Jewish Link, 10/22/15)

Ma'ayanot Student Leaders Attend Leadership Training Seminar (The Jewish Link, 9/10/15)



Ma'ayanot Senior Year Encounter Program Launches Careers and Dreams (By Lisa Matkowsky, The Jewish Link, 8/6/15)

Ma'ayanot Freshman Takes Third Place in YU Torah Competition (The Jewish Link, 6/25/15)

Ma'ayanot Celebrates the Class of 2015 (The Jewish Link, 6/25/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Make a Bat Mitzvah Girl's Dreams Come True (The Jewish Link, 6/11/15)

Navi Fair at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 6/5/15)

Heartbeats Takes the Stage (The Jewish Link, 5/28/15)

Memorial Day Planning at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 5/28/15)

Ma'ayanot Sophomores Explore Spirituality (The Jewish Link, 5/21/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Perform for Charity in Heartbeats: A Night of Song, Dance and Connection (The Jewish Link, 5/7/15)

Ma'ayanot Observes Yom Ha'shoah (The Jewish Link, 4/30/15)

Ma'ayanot Remembers Rav Lichtenstein, z"l (The Jewish Link, 4/30/15)

Ma'ayanot Scholars Learn at Stern College for a Day (The Jewish Link, 4/23/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Find Meaning in Tefillot (The Jewish Link, 4/23/15)

Pep Rally Celebrates Making of Sports History at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 4/1/15)

Chesed Programming at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 4/1/15)

Ma'ayanot Torah Bowl Team Advances to the Championship (The Jewish Link, 4/1/15)

'CSI Teaneck' Visits Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 4/1/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Visit Seniors at Kaplan JCC (The Jewish Link, 4/1/15)

Oppression, Revolution Emerge as Themes of Ma'ayanot's Book Day (The Jewish Link, 3/26/15)

Ma'ayanot Goes to the Polls (The Jewish Link, 3/26/15)

Ma'ayanot Drama Club Presents The Grapes of Wrath (The Jewish Link, 3/26/15)

Ma'ayanot to Stage Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath (The Jewish Link, 3/12/15)

Ma'ayanot and TABC Host Young Professionals Networking Event (The Jewish Link, 3/5/15)

Ma'ayanot Alumnae Associations Launches College Connections (The Jewish Link, 3/5/15)

Ma'ayanot Students Write Letters to Hannah in Copenhagen (The Jewish Link, 3/5/15)

Color War at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 3/5/15)

Defending Free Speech: Local High School Student Pens Winning Essay on Campus Rights (The Jewish Standard, 2/27/25)

Ma'ayanot Students: Mission to Omaha (The Jewish Link, 2/26/15)

Mehanekhet at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 2/19/15)

Ma'ayanot Student Takes First Prize in Essay Contest (The Jewish Link, 2/12/15)

Save the Date for Ma'ayanot's Annual Scholarshp Dinner (The Jewish Link, 2/12/15)

Joseph at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 1/8/15)

Mishmover at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 12/31/14)

Ma'ayanot Alumnae College Fellowship Program (The Jewish Link, 12/24/14)

Ma'ayanot Seniors Contemplate their Place in the World (The Jewish Link, 11/27/14)

Ma'ayanot Students Learn About Aliya and Israel (The Jewish Link, 11/20/14)

Ma'ayanot Student Chosen as Regional Finalist in Siemens Competition (The Jewish Link, 11/6/14)

Teachers Teaching Teachers: Professinal Development at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 9/4/14)

Ma'ayanot Growth, Renovations and Innovations (by Elyse Hansford, The Jewish Link, 9/4/14)


Alex Fuchs! Gothem Sports Star of the Week (The Jewish Link, 7/15/15)

Noa Applebaum! Gothem Sports Star of the Week (The Jewish Link, 7/2/15)

Ma'ayanot Rapids Win Softball Championship (By Shalva Faber, 6/25/15)

Ma'ayanot Hockey Heads to Championship, Still Undefeated (The Jewish Link, 6/11/15)

Ma'ayanot Softball Team Heading to Championship (By Shalva Faber, The Jewish Link, 6/11/15)

Ma'ayanot Softball Team Climbs to 6-1 Record (by Shalva Faber, The Jewish Link, 5/14/15)

Ma'ayanot Varsity Rapids Wrap Up Regular Season 8 - 0 (The Jewish Link, 5/7/15)


Rapids Stay Hot with Victory Over Frisch (The Jewish Link, 4/30/15)

Pep Rally Celebrates the Making of Sports History at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 4/1/15)

Ma'ayanot Rapids Continue Strong Start with Two More Wins (The Jewish Link, 4/1/15)

Rapids Top the Sting in Championship Rematch (by Esti Knapp, The Jewish Link, 3/19/15)

The Turbulent Rapids Sail Away as Champs (The Jewish Link, 3/19/15)

Ma'ayanot Rapids Continue Strong Start vs. Hillel (The Jewish Link, 3/19/15)

Sports Star of the Week: Morreet Levine (The Jewish Link, 3/19/15)

Ma'ayanot Varsity Soccer Starts the Season with Hard Fought Victory (The Jewish LInk, 3/12/15)

Ma'ayanot Volletball Upsets Magen David in the Semis (The Jewish Link, 3/5/15)

Ma'ayanot Volleyball (The Jewish Link, 2/26/15)

JV Basketball: Ma'ayanot vs. Westchester Day (by Esti Knapp, The Jewish Link, 2/12/15)

Rapids Top the Hawks in a Great Game (by Esti Knapp, The Jewish Link, (1/8/15)

Ma'ayanot Varsity Basketball Report (by Shana Alder, The Jewish Link, 12/31/14)

Ma'ayanot JV Basketball (The Jewish Link, 12/18/14)

Jewish Girls and Sports (by Jen Sanders, The Jewish Link, 12/11/14)

JV Rapids Wash Away the Lady Cobras (by Esti Knapp, The Jewish Link, 12/11/14)

Ma'ayanot Swim Report (The Jewish Link, 11/26/14)

Ma'ayanot JV Volleyball Report (The Jewish Link, 11/26/14)

Ma'ayanot JV Basketball Report (The Jewish Link, 11/20/14)

A Great Start to the Ma'ayanot Varsity Basketball Season (by Shana Adler, The Jewish Link, 11/13/14)

Varsity Rapids Open With a Win (The Jewish Link, 11/6/14)

Ma'ayanot Volleyball (The Jewish Link, 11/6/14)



Balak: The Concept of Choseness by Mrs. Rivka Kahan (The Jewish Standard, 7/4/14)

Ma'ayanot at the Forefront of Women's Torah Learning (The Jewish Link, 5/26/14)

Ma'ayanot Annual Basketball Skills Clinic (The Jewish Link, 5/8/14)

Science Beyond the Curriculum at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 5/1/14)

Heartbeats: A Night of Song, Dance, and Connection (The Jewish Link, 5/1/14)

The Duality of Haste by Mrs. Rivka Kahan (The Jewish Week, 4/18/14)

Book Day at Ma'ayanot! (The Jewish Link, 2/21/14)

Ma'ayanot Students Win Awards in Prestigious Art and Writing Contest (The Jewish Link, 2/21/14)

Rabbi Slifkin, the Zoo Rabbi, Visits Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 2/7/14)

Ma'ayanot Scholarship Dinner (The Jewish Link, 2/7/14)

Ma'ayanot Shares Resources at Day of Study (The Jewish Link, 1/9/14)

Interdisciplinary Studies at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 11/28/13, page 82)

Ma'ayanot Chosen to be Technological Leader (The Jewish Standard, 11/15/13)

Leadership Day at Ma'ayanot (The Jewish Link, 11/14/13)

Alumna Daniella Greenbaum ('12) published a front page article in the Jewish Week:  Outside of My Israel Comfort Zone (10/25/13).

Mrs. Rivka Kahan's d'var Torah, Netzavim-Vayelekh: Returning to one’s self, published in the Jewish Standard (8/31/13)

Read about Ma'ayanot's participation in Create a Jewish Legacy (The Jewish Standard, 8/30/13)


Ma'ayanot Hockey Tops Frisch (The Jewish Link, 6/26/14)

Ma'ayanot Softball Team to Host First Round of Playoffs (The Jewish Link, 5/22/14)

Rapids Cool the Heat (The Jewish Link, 5/22/14)

Ma'ayanot JV Soccer in the Playoffs (The Jewish Link, 5/15/14)

Ma'ayanot Hockey Report (The Jewish Link, 5/8/14)

What a Game: Ma'ayanot Softball Report (The Jewish Link, 5/1/14)

Ma'ayanot Softball Beats Heschel (The Jewish Link, 4/10/14)

Ma'ayanot Hosts Sixth Annual MVP All Star Game (The Jewish Link, 4/3/14)

Ma'ayanot Hockey Defeats Kushner 7-1 (The Jewish Link, 3/27/14)

Ma'ayanot Volleyball Defeats Ramaz and Wins Championship (The Jewish Link, 3/13/14)

Ma'ayanot Rapids Advance to the Championships by Shana Adler (3/13/14)

Ma'ayanot Swim Report (The Jewish Link, 3/7/14)

Ma'ayanot Varsity Basketball (The Jewish Link, 2/7/14)

As Season Winds Down, Rapids Continue to Flourish (The Jewish Link, 1/9/14)

Ma'ayanot Rapids Win Again by Shana Adler ('16), (The Jewish Link, 11/28/13)

The Basketball Season at Ma'ayanot Has Officially Begun by Shana Adler ('16), (The Jewish Link, 11/14/13)

Ma'ayanot Varsity Volleyball Off to a Strong Start by Pammy Brenner ('15), (The Jewish Link, 11/14/13)



Ma'ayanot Students Win Top Prize in Prestigious International Science Competition (The Jewish Link, 7/12/13)

Bergen County Students Win Israeli Science Competition (, 7/4/13)

Ma'ayanot Teacher Cited For Excellence (The Jewish Standard, 6/21/13)

Ma'ayanot Girls On Track With Groundbreaking Science Victory (The Jewish Week, 5/31/13)

New Jersey Schools Celebrating Israel (The Bergen Record, 6/3/13)

How to Stop a Train Crash: Team from local girls school wins science competition (The Jewish Standard (5/24/13)

Ma'ayanot Students Perform to Save Lives (The Jewish Link, 5/21/13)

Ma'ayanot Seniors on a Mission (The Jewish Link, 5/19/13)

Ma'ayanot Students Explore Controvertial Case with NYC Police Officer (The Jewish Link, 5/2/13)

Ma'ayanot Students Learn About the Importance of Halakhic Organ Donation (The Jewish Link, 4/18/13)

Ma'ayanot Yeshiva High School Continues to Serve Those Struck by Natural Disaster  (The Jewish Link, 4/8/13)


Ma'ayanot Wins! Team From All-Girls School Tops International Science Competition in Israel (The Jewish Standard, 7/12/13)

Ma'ayanot Track (The Jewish Link, 5/19/13)

Rapids on a Roll! (The Jewish Link, 5/2/13)

Ma'ayanot Rapids Defeat SAR for Volleyball Championship (The Jewish Link, 3/25/13)


New Jersey NCSY Girls Return From New Orleans

 Local Yeshiva Reaches Out to Community Through Planned Blood Drive

Ma’ayanot students help with homework

Three Ma’ayanot students win prestigious Toshiba science award