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Head Mehanekhet:  Mrs. Nina Bieler

The mehanekhet program, which is dedicated to fostering our students’ social, emotional, and religious growth, is an important part of the Ma’ayanot experience. Every student is part of a small mehanekhet group, in which students meet every week to discuss "life topics" in a relaxed and comfortable environment with their mehanekhet [grade advisor]. This program enables each student to have the time and space to discuss important life issues in a supportive setting, and also provides an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with a faculty member outside of the classroom. The mehanekhet serves as a trusted adult who is a resource for students whenever they choose to turn to her for support, guidance, advice, and a listening ear.

The educational programming that takes place in mehanekhet is geared to meet the developmental and emotional needs of our students throughout their years at Ma’ayanot. Programs address topics such as body image, relationships, social transitions, stress management, decision-making, study skills, health-related issues, depression, anxiety, and many other topics that are important in our students’ lives.