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Israel Guidance

Directors: Mrs. Leah Herzog and Mrs. Suzanne Cohen

The Israel Guidance department helps students learn about the many different post-high school Israel programs, identify the programs that will help them achieve their goals for their year in Israel, and navigate the application process. During the second semester of 11th grade, each student is assigned an Israel Guidance Counselor. Students meet with their Israel Guidance Counselor regularly throughout the Israel process. Parents attend some of these meetings and stay in communication with their daughter’s Israel Guidance Counselor throughout the Israel process as well.

Our Israel Guidance Counselors help students think about their personal goals for their year in Israel, and provide much information about the different programs available. Some of the questions that they help students consider are: 

 1) How important is it to you to interact with Israelis? Do you want an Israeli program? An American program? An American program in a school that also includes an Israeli program?

2) Do you want to be in a full-time learning program, or in a program in which a significant amount of time is devoted to community service, touring, art, or other pursuits?

3) Is there a particular religious philosophy that you are seeking in your Israel school?

4) Is it important to you to go to a school that teaches Gemara? If so, is it important to you that Gemara be a large part of the curriculum?

5) Would you prefer a large school or a small school?

6) Would you prefer a program that is warm and nurturing, or a program that fosters independence through a hands-off approach?

7) What types of learning styles work for you? Do you like a lot of havruta/beit midrash work, or do you prefer to learn in a classroom setting?

8) Do you care about the location of the school? Would you like to be in Jerusalem? Outside of Jerusalem?

9) Do you want to take classes in Hebrew, English, or some of each? 

The Israel Guidance Department arranges in-school presentations by representatives of many Israel programs. These presentations take place during the first semester of 12th grade and give students the opportunity to learn more about the programs they are considering. Our students and their parents also attend the local Israel Night, an informational evening which is held in November, at which representatives of Israel schools make presentations about their programs.

The Israel Guidance Department helps students with the technical aspects of Israel applications, including writing the Israel essay, preparing for the interview, and identifying scholarship opportunities. In addition, Ma’ayanot Israel Guidance Counselors serve as advocates and liaisons to the Israel programs to which our students apply.

Our graduates attend a wide variety of Israel programs, reflecting their diverse interests, talents, and personal goals. Some of the programs that our graduates attend include:


Ayelet Hashachar
Emunah V’Omanut
Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim (MMY)
Midreshet Amit
Midreshet Ein Hanatziv
Midreshet Lindenbaum (Brovender’s)
Midreshet Moriah
Midreshet HaRova
Midreshet Yeud
Migdal Oz
Sha’alvim for Women


During our students’ year in Israel, they often stay in touch with their Israel Guidance Counselor. In addition, Ma’ayanot has an Israel liaison, a former faculty member who now lives in Israel. She is a resource for our students throughout their year in Israel, providing them with a home to visit for Shabbat and a listening ear, and serving as a trusted adult who knows the Israel schools well and can give advice about adjusting to the year in Israel.