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Committees are student-run groups that focus on specific issues that impact the school, the Jewish community, and the world at large. A student cabinet, assisted by a faculty advisor, leads each committee and determins the committee’s goals, objectives, and agendas for the year. 

Chesed Committee

  • The Chesed Committee, supervised by Mrs. Ivy Weiner, develops opportunities for students to share their time and energy with those in need.  Students on this committee learn to plan creative and innovative programming that improves the lives of others and develops sensitivity and empathy for those who are less fortunate. 

    The committee meets regularly during the year and the students are informed by email when volunteers are needed.


Global Awareness Committee

  • The goal of the Global Awareness Committee, supervised by Ms. F, is to foster within the Ma'ayanot student body an awareness of important current events occurring worldwide. As such, students on this committee are tasked with disseminating information, in a creative way, to ensure that Ma'ayanot students are knowledgeable and educated about the world around them.  To effectively accomplish this goal, the committee will organize campaigns and create videos and programs.



Holiday Enhancement Committee

  • The goal of the Holiday Enhancement Committee, led by Rabbi Zev Prince, is to develop programming designed to ensure that all students are intellectually and emotionally prepared to celebrate or commemorate both secular and Judaic holidays as they occur throughout the year.  Whether by decorating the lobby and MPR, giving out small gifts, or planning craft activities, this committee enhances the festive spirit of the school all year long.

    The committee meets regularly during the year and the student body is informed by email when volunteers are needed.


Remembrance Committee

  • The Remembrance committee develops ceremonies and other programming that helps Ma'ayanot students and faculty appropriately commemorate important memorial events, both secular and Judaic, as they occur throughout the school year.  The Remembrance committee has developed programming to mark 9/11, Kristallnacht, Memorial Day and Veterans Day, to name just a few.


  • MYPAC (modeled on AIPAC), led by Ms. Sarah Gordon, provides students an opportunity to study and better understand both the America -Israel relationship and how to engage in political activism on Israel's behalf.  MYPAC students utilize this knowledge to help organize advocacy programming on behalf of Israel throughout the school year. 

Tefilla Committee

  • Students on the Tefilla Committee, led by Mrs. Leah Herzog, help organize daily tefillot toward of goal of making them more inspiring. Committee members work togehter to explore and design different ways to make tefilla moving and personal, and they educate the student body about appropriate tefillot on special days. The committee also determines Ma’ayanot tunes for Hallel and organizes tefillot for those who are ill.

Torah Committee

  • The Torah Committee. led by Ms. Ora Laufer, provides Ma’ayanot students with opportunities for additional Torah learning. The committee conducts after-school mishmar programs, “lunch and learn” events, and siyyumim. Committee members also publicize learning opportunities in various communities and create learning programs in conjunction with synagogues.