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The Ma’ayanot College Guidance Department has created a highly personal and effective approach toward college admissions.  Students are encouraged to direct their own search, in partnership with their parents and the College Guidance Department. The counselors view the college process as part of a student's total Ma’ayanot education, involving personal reflections, independent reasoning and informed decision-making.

Ma’ayanot students over the years have earned the respect of college admissions officers as a result of the quality of their academic preparation, their individuality and their thoughtful, well-written answers.

In this supportive environment, students learn to identify their goals and interests, to manage a complex and stressful process, and to make healthy and confident decisions about higher education. Fundamentally, we believe that each student should control the self-evaluation, research, and application writing that is essential to good college selection.

The College Guidance Department at Ma’ayanot is fully committed to providing college guidance to all students, beginning with grade nine. In January we meet with parents of ninth and tenth graders to introduce them to the college admissions process. Counselors meet with the freshman class after winter break, at which time they discuss what is needed to gain acceptance to various colleges, including testing requirements such as SAT Subject Tests. Freshmen consult with college counselors about their elective choices for the following year.

Students in grade 10 are offered the option of taking the PLAN exam (a practice test for the ACT). Tenth graders are encouraged to come in to meet with a college adviser when they should feel the need. Many sophomores avail themselves of this service, wanting to find out what they need to do to gain acceptance to various colleges. When the time comes to choose electives for the following year, sophomores consult with college counselors, and they discuss the relevance of taking SAT Subject Tests.

The formal college process begins in grade eleven with a series of group and individual meetings of counselors and students, as well as several evening programs for students and parents. For a complete description of the college process calendar for juniors and for seniors, please consult the Junior College Calendar and the College Application Timeline.


Click here for our College Guidance Handbook.


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Ms. Leebie Mallin
 College Guidance Counselor
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Mr. Willaim Roper

College Guidance Counselor

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