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Art Department

Art electives are available in all four grades.

The primary goals of our Art program are to help students see and experience the beauty of artistic compositions and to guide the development of their own abilities of artistic expression, including the ability to give expression to their spiritual selves through a medium other than the written or spoken word.

Recent elective offerings have included:

  • Advanced Studio Art*
  • AP Studio Art*
  • Architecture and Design
  • Multi-Media Art*
  • Photography
  • Pre-AP Art*
  • Printmaking

*Currently being offered

Tracking: Art classes are not tracked.


The objective of the Studio Art elective for juniors and the Advanced Studio Art elective for seniors is for the student to develop a portfolio of artwork, demonstrating the individual's thought processes, learning process, and in-depth exploration of subject matter. The focus is not only on the use of art elements and craftsmanship, but on the integration of the growth of the personality of the student with the exploration of creativity within the student's choice of subject matter.

Toward this end, students utilize in-class working time as well as peer and class critiques to develop an artist's eye and skill with regard to color, value and form in various genres and techniques.


AP Studio Art requires an exceptional art student to assemble a portfolio of 40 works in various media. Students may earn college credit for this course, based upon portfolio review by the administrators of the Advanced Placement Exams.