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Annual Yom Iyun 2016


We are pleased to share audio and video of numerous shiurim recently delivered by Ma'ayanot faculty members on topics related to the aseret yemei teshuva

  • The keynote address by Dr. Shoshana Poupko, Ma'ayanot Dean of Students, can be accessed by clicking here.  Topic:  Revisiting the Days of Awe as the Daze of Ah
  • Audio of the remaining eight shiurim can be accessed by clicking here.
Mrs. Rivka Kahan - Could Shaul Have Succeeded? Predestination and Human Potential in Shaul's Life

Mrs. Gabrielle Berger - The Strength of Impermanence: The Chanukah-Sukkot Connection 
Ms. Sarah Gordon - When Good Kings Go Bad: The Cautionary Tale of Shlomo HaMelekh 
Mrs. Leah Herzog - What Does it Mean to Love G-d? A Deeper Look at Shema 
Rabbi Zev Prince - For the Sin of a Confounded Heart: Al Chet She' Chatanu Lifanecha B'timhon Leivav
Rabbi Donny Besser - Why is Rosh Hashana a Yom Teshuva? 
Mrs. Chava Lerner - Where Hallel and Tachanun Intersect: Insights into Avinu Malkeinu
Mrs. Shifra Schapiro - Universal Themes in the Tishrei Holidays

Mrs. Kahan also recently delivered a two-part shiur series on Two Models of Teshuva in Sefer Yona that can be accessed by clicking here.