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Academic Teams

Academic teams allow students to develop specialized skills while exercising their competitive spirit. Academic teams meet regularly for practices and travel to meets as they are scheduled.

Debate Team

  • The Ma’ayanot Debate Team engages in competition with other Yeshiva high school teams in the Metropolitan area.  Participants master arguments regarding some of the most controversial issues of our time, including physician-assisted suicide, gun control, abortion, nuclear war, and others.  Students' facility with assigned topics is fully and fairly tested through strict debate procedure; to prepare for the competitions students will work on skills such as researching a topic, writing a presentation, and presenting in a strong, competent voice.

    The Debate team meets during club hour on Wednesdays.  Tryouts are after Sukkot.


College Bowl

  • College Bowl team, led by Ms. Sarah Gordon, competes in a quiz-show league competition against other metropolitan area yeshiva high schools.  We offer a junior varsity and a varsity College Bowl team.  The competitions test students’ knowledge in variety of content areas such as history, literature, geography and current events.

    The College Bowl team practices during lunch throughout the year.  Tryouts for the College Bowl team take place after Sukkot.


Hidon HaTanakh

  • Student participants in Hidon HaTanakh have the opportunity to hone their bekiut skills in Tanakh by preparing for the national and international Hidon HaTanakh competitions. Interested students are coached to compete in the regional and national competitions. Students who qualify have the chance to go to the International Bible Context that is held annually in Jerusalem.

Math League

  • The Math team, under the supervision of Mr. David Tanke, is for students who are interested in and enjoy math, and would like the opportunity to tackle math problems that are exciting and fun, and aren’t covered in the standard high school curriculum.  The club enables students to train and better compete in the New Jersey Math League competitions.

    The Math Club meets once a week during lunch.  It is open to all interested students.


Mock Trial

  • Mock Trial is an imitation trial and courtroom competition sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Association.  The team consists of lawyers, witnesses and jurors for both prosecution and defense.  The students compete against other schools in the county and are judged by volunteer attorneys.  Ma’ayanot has made it to the Bergen County finals many times and hopes to be the Bergen County champions next year and then compete on a state-wide level.

    The Mock Trial team meets every Wednesday during club hour and practices become more intensive as the competition approaches.  Tryouts take place before Sukkot.


Model Congress

  • Model Congress is an academic competition organized by HAFTR High School that simulates congressional committee conferences.  For this competition, students are placed in various congressional committees (e.g., appropriations, armed services, banking, housing and urban affairs, education and labor, energy and commerce, environment and public works, ethics, to name just a few), and they are asked to prepare and debate bills pertaining to to their assigned committees.   Led by Ms. Caryn Keller, students learn how to conduct research, articulate persuasive arguments, and improve their writing skills, all while gaining knowledge of the US political process.

    Model Congress meets once a week during lunch beginning in December


Model United Nations

  • The Yeshiva University National Model United Nations (YUNMUN) is a student-run simulation of the workings of the real United Nations; as such, participation on the Model UN team affords students an opportunity to experience and learn about the complex landscape of international diplomacy. Playing the roles of delegates to United Nations member nations, participants represent a variety of positions, often ones with which they may not agree. In advocating for a given country, students must conduct thorough research of that country's interests and policies across a wide range of issues and concerns, adding both to their knowledge of world affairs and to their appreciation of and facility with research, preparation, communication and critical evaluation.  

Torah Bowl

  •  The Torah Bowl team competes against other yeshivot in the Metropolitan Yeshiva League.  The competition follows a quiz show format similar to College Bowl with a team of four students competing at one time.  The students study the pshat and Rashis of selected parshiot in the Torah; they learn a lot of extra Torah independently and also hone their memory and recall skills. Breadth, depth and speed, as well as sportsmanship and teamwork, are all skills that the successful Torah Bowl team member must use.


Stock Market Challenge

  • The objective of the Stock Market Game is to introduce its participants to the fundamentals of investing.  Each student is given a virtual $100,000 and taught how to invest the money so that it grows over time.  The Stock Market Game is a tool that helps students build a fundamental understanding of investing while providing them with real world skills in math, English Language Arts, economics, social studies, and other subjects.  Most importantly, The Stock Market Game will help the students develop positive money habits and prepare them for their future.




  • The Chess Team, led by Mr. Slava Koza, who comes to us from the International Chess Academy, participates in the Metropolitan Yeshiva High School League.  Ma’ayanot is proud to be the only all-girls high school that competes in this league! Participants compete in a series of matches against other Yeshivot throughout the chess season. 

    The chess team practices during club hour on Wednesdays and is open to all interested students. 


History Bowl

  • We are excited to bring the History Bowl to Ma’ayanot!  The National History Bowl is a buzzer-based history quiz competition for teams of up to 6 students.  The goal of this competition is to foster an interest in history that will give present-day students an appreciation for the past that will serve them, their country, and world well in the future.  Additionally, the substance and style of questions used in The National History Bowl competition rewards students who can make connections across eras, places, and themes in history. Practices, led by Mrs. Chani Rotenberg, will not only prepare students to succeed in the competitions, but will also help them gain an enhanced understanding of history as well.

    The team will practice every other week during lunch.  Tryouts for all interested students will be before Sukkot.


Poetry Slam

  • The Poetry Slam team, under the guidance of Ms. Sam Kur, will participate in the Yeshiva Poetry Society, which sponsors numerous poetry slam contests throughout the year. To participate, our students will compose compose original works of poetry in a variety of forms and they will perform their poetry at the slams.  Students will be judged for their use of language, their adherence to the stated poetic form, their approach to the theme, the quality of their performance, and their overall success at moving the judges and the audience.  Awards will be given to the top four poets at each slam.  The judges are published poets, writers and educators.

    The Poetry Slam team will meet during lunch once a week and is open to all interested students.


Science Olympiad

  • The Jewish Education Project/Lander College Science Olympiad provides the opportunity for high school students in Yeshivot to compete in events that test science knowledge and skills. Our team is supervised by Mrs. Gillian Cofnas. 

    Science Olympiad consists of twelve events drawn from National Science Olympiad publications and will address various aspects of biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and applications of engineering and technology.  The team practices during lunch over the course of the year.  Interested students may apply after Sukkot.